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  • Young Writers Anthology 2016 

    A.R; Vallejo Navarrete, Andrea; Verdeja Palomeque, Fabricio F.; Peralta Medel, Fernando; Alejo Ramírez, Mariana; Urbina Alejandre, Natalia B.; Mora Roldán, Paola; Camela Equihua, Priscila; Rangel Sotomayor, Oscar; Fernández Domínguez, Israel; Zambrano Santiago, Natalia; Bello de la Cruz, Jani (IMMZB, 2016-06-26)
    The present work gives the students the chance to express themselves, promoting writing for enjoyment and generating a sense of pride in creating something unique. It is important to mention that most young people are not ...
  • Young Writers Anthology 2017 

    Bretón I., Elisa; Corona P., Joshua; Cortés Q., María Fernanda; Gómez M., Aranzazú; Guzmán C., Laura Daniela; Montes P., Jorge Adrián; Rodríguez R., Víctor Daniel; Zambrano B., Andrea Alicia (IMMCB, 2017-07-20)
    Prologue Writing is an art in which the blend of imagination, emotions, beliefs, and experiences are not easy to convey but the passion and willingness have surely overcome the struggles and battles each student might ...
  • Young Writers Anthology 2017, 3rd ed. 

    Vallejo Navarrete, Andrea; Quiñones Elias, Alejandra J.; Gaytán Sosa, Saúl; Sánchez Estévez, Blanca Esmeralda; Salazar Flores, Melanie; Hernández Padilla, Jessica Nayeli; Torres Buerba, Emilia; Avalos Abirrached, Marian; Buganza, Andrea; Rodríguez Acevedo, Valeria; Miller Varela, Alexandra Zoya; Sierra, Angélica; López Huerta, Mónica Renee (IMMZB, 2017-06-26)
    PROLOGUE “You can make anything by writing” C.S. Lewis By writing, everything is possible and ideas are as endless as our imagination, and this collection of writings is a proof of the quote above mentioned. There is ...
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