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dc.contributor.authorJohn White
dc.identifier.citationWitte, J. (2017). Teología Y Política De La Libertad Religiosa En Norteamérica: Cuatro Modelos Procedentes De La Época Fundacional (The Theology and Politics of the US Religion Clauses: Four Models from the Foundational Era). Revista Persona y Derecho, 77(2017), 371-401.es_MX
dc.description.abstractIn this article, the author explores the four distinct models on religious liberty that can be distinguished from the American founding era: Puritan, Evangelical, Enlightenment, and Civic Republican models. Exponents of these four models often found common cause and used common language, particularly during the constitutional convention and ratification debates. Yet each group offered its own distinct teachings on religious liberty and had its own preferences for their implementation in constitutional law. Together, these groups held up the four corners of a wide canopy of opinion about religious liberty in eighteenth-century America.es_MX
dc.titleTeología y política de la libertad religiosa en Norteamérica: Cuatro modelos procedentes de la época fundacional (The Theology and Politics of the U.S. religion clauses: Four models from the foundational era)es_MX
dc.typeArtículo de Internetes_MX

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