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dc.contributor.authorXeitl Ulises Alvarado López
dc.identifier.citationAlvarado López, Xeitl Ulises. (2010). Lucha metodista por la templanza en Estados Unidos y México, 1873-1892. Estudios de historia moderna y contemporánea de México, (40), 53-89.
dc.description.abstractThis article focuses on late 19th cen tury methodists. It stresses the fact that methodists in both the US and Mexico strove to combat alcoholism. In the quest for Christian perfection, they originated social movements in favor of temperance, whose impact on the rest of their societies differed according to their national contexts.es_MX
dc.titleLucha metodista por la templanza en Estados Unidos y México, 1873–1892es_MX
dc.typeArtículo de Internetes_MX

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