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  • Young Writers Anthology 2017, 3rd ed. 

    Vallejo Navarrete, Andrea; Quiñones Elias, Alejandra J.; Gaytán Sosa, Saúl; Sánchez Estévez, Blanca Esmeralda; Salazar Flores, Melanie; Hernández Padilla, Jessica Nayeli; Torres Buerba, Emilia; Avalos Abirrached, Marian; Buganza, Andrea; Rodríguez Acevedo, Valeria; Miller Varela, Alexandra Zoya; Sierra, Angélica; López Huerta, Mónica Renee (IMMZB, 2017-06-26)
    PROLOGUE “You can make anything by writing” C.S. Lewis By writing, everything is possible and ideas are as endless as our imagination, and this collection of writings is a proof of the quote above mentioned. There is ...